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Why You Should Never Use Social Media In the Washroom


If you’ve sent a ‘tweet’ while sitting on the toilet, you could be opening the door to spreading potentially serious germs—and making yourself or the people in your life sick.

It’s been confirmed that using your smartphone on the John is hazardous because bathrooms are pretty nasty places. There are bacteria all over the bathroom; on the flusher, the tap / water controls, the door handles, and the toilet seat. Just because you wash your hands when you’re finished, doesn’t mean that your phone is clean.

Bacteria and viruses get tucked into your pocket from your dirty hands when you use your phone in the restroom, and they end up on your screen every time you send a text, or touch your phone at all from that point on.

Those who are old, young, or those with compromised immune systems because of diabetes, chemotherapy, or another serious illness or treatment, are at a greater risk for infection from cellular device bugs. It’s important to have proper hygiene if you fall into one of these categories.


Talking on the phone when you’re sick allows germs from your respiratory tract to collect on your device; most prevalent among them, viral particles that cause the flu (or worse), which can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Summer’s gone, and flu season is upon us, so if you get sick, use your phone, and then a friend or family member picks it up, they’ve potentially picked up the flu as well.

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To lower the chances of your cell phone making you sick, don’t touch it while you’re on the toilet, wash your hands thoroughly after using the bathroom ,or touching other possibly germ infested surfaces, and clean your phone regularly. Wiping the device down with a clean cloth daily, maybe using a cleanser made specifically for mobile phones and mobile phone screens is a great start to protecting yourself and your loved ones from ‘cell bourne germs’.

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